Osteopathy and Getting Older

The body as it ages undergoes changes. The body loses some of its elasticity and ability to adapt. There also may be accumulated injuries and postural stress during those years, often resulting in repetitive strain injuries, stiffness and degenerative changes. Hopefully not but there may also be health issues such as high blood pressure, digestive and circulatory disorders and arthritis which can take a toll on the body and deplete your energy levels.

Quality of life is especially important for this age group when there are increasing concerns about loss of independence and mobility.

Osteopathy can help greatly during this time. An Osteopath will take a full case history to gain an understanding of present and previous problems and how the body has been affected so far. Your Osteopath will carry out a full examination to reach a diagnosis. Then the Osteopath will explain the diagnosis and how Osteopathy can help you.

Osteopathic treatment and advice can help to improve mobility, circulation and immune function, and reduce joint stiffness so that the older person can enjoy a full and active life. Treatment aims to improve and maintain health and prevent further injury. Dietary advice may also be given to help maintain healthy bones and joints.

Tips to keeping your mind and body active

  • Gentle stretching daily helps to maintain tissue elasticity and joint mobility.
  • Regularly walking, swimming and carrying out other forms of exercise help to keep circulation healthy and maintain muscle tone.
  • Keep yourself mentally active and have regular interaction with other people, your brain needs a work out too!
  • Eat plenty of fresh healthy food and drink plenty of water.
  • Also make sure you get enough rest to keep energy stores at an optimum, for example take a daily rest.
  • Sensible well fitted footwear can help to reduce aches and pains in the knees, hips and back.

If you require more information or would like a chat with the Osteopath to find out if you could benefit from Osteopathy please do get in touch.

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