Victoria specializes in Cognitive Hypnotherapy. She trained in clinical hypnosis and NLP under the tuition of renowned hypnotherapist, author and trainer Trevor Silvester, founder of the Quest Institute in London.

Cognitive Hypnotherapy is an integrated approach that makes use of traditional hypnotherapy as well as other therapeutic models such as regression therapy, positive psychology, gestalt theory, neuro-linguistic programming, and cognitive behavioural therapy. She also uses the findings of modern neuroscience to inform her work. Victoria is also a practitioner of EFT (emotional freedom technique) and EMI+ (eye movement integration plus).

Hypnotherapy Colchester

Hypnotherapy ColchesterVictoria follows the brief solution-focused approach to therapy, meaning that she works to create the greatest change in your situation in the shortest time necessary. Rather than spending years in a talking therapy programme such as psychoanalysis, many conditions and issues can be resolved or greatly improved with a short course of cognitive hypnotherapy.

Victoria says: “The power of the mind should never be underestimated. You only have to think about the way that you can wake up sweating from a nightmare when there has been no monster in the room, or the way you can be physically sick and your hands shake at the thought of a test or job interview, or the way your stomach flips in the early stages of love – not to mention the physical reaction to sexual thoughts – to realise just how influential your own mind is over your body.”

Victoria works with many different ailments and issues, and has a special interest in fertility, pain, childbirth and anxiety.

Victoria is a member of the National Council for Hypnotherapy, and the Complementary and Natural Healthcare Council – the government’s own register for alternative therapy providers.

For more information on how Victoria could help you, call to arrange a free consultation or discuss your issue on 07716 274 720 or email info@victoriawardhypnotherapy.com. For lots more information on hypnosis and how it could help with different issues, visit the website of Victoria Ward Hypnotherapy in Colchester.