Osteopathy for Back Pain

Osteopathy for Back PainOsteopathy for Back Pain treatment is designed to correct each individual’s mechanical problems in order to stimulate their own natural healing processes.

Research shows that 60% of the UK will suffer from back pain at some stage during their lifetime. Back pain has a number of different causes.

Most back troubles however, result from mechanical or functional disturbances of the spine. Problems with your back does not always simply produce pain in the back. It can be the cause of other symptoms like pain in the buttocks, groin or legs. Back problems can bring on pain elsewhere in the body such as the head, neck or shoulders as it can disturb the mechanical functioning of the body.

Over 50% of cases that Osteopaths see in practice are back problems. Osteopaths are experienced in diagnosing and treating back pain successfully. Osteopaths are also skilled in diagnosing problems that may require further investigation or medical treatment.

Osteopathy for Back Pain Tips:

  • Take regular exercise – your Osteopath will be able to advise you on this.
  • Spending hours in one position can cause problems – take regular breaks to move.
  • When doing repetitive actions or movements keep good posture, vary your rhythm and take frequent breaks.
  • Make sure you car, desk, computer and chair is set up correctly to allow good posture and take regular stretch breaks especially if driving a long journey.
  • Pace yourself with heavy, manual work such as gardening or building, ensure good lifting technique – your Osteopath will be able to go over the basics.
  • Avoid strain when lifting, particularly small children (don’t carry them on one hip!) and shopping, ensure good lifting technique.
  • Keep an eye on your children’s posture – try to get them to carry school bags on both shoulders and if possible keep the weight of the bag to a minimum. Impliment regular computer breaks.
  • Follow a healthy balanced diet with plenty of water and sleep to keep you on top form.
  • How old is your bed/mattress? It could be part of the problem.
  • For back pain, see an Osteopath sooner rather than later.

Osteopaths look at all the contributing and maintaining factors to a disturbed state of natural health. If you require more information or would like a chat with the Osteopath to find out if you could benefit from Osteopathy please do get in touch.

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