Osteopathy for Babies and Children

Osteopathy is a safe and natural approach to health care for all life’s stages. Osteopaths are increasingly being asked to treat babies and children for complaints attributable to mechanical strains acquired before birth or during the birth process.

It is a common belief that children and babies should have no structural stresses or strains in their body, because they are so young and flexible. However the reality is very different.

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During the birth of a baby, their body is subject to enormous forces as the womb contracts to deliver the baby against the natural resistance of the birth canal. The small amounts of movement that exist in the infant skull permit the baby’s head to adapt to the forces of labour. However the birth process can potentially be a stressful journey into the outside world. If the birth is particularly difficult, stressful, unduly long or fast or when other complications occur such as the need for forceps/ventouse or C-section delivery then the baby may struggle to fully resolve the stresses or strains within its body.

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