Faye Riches

I have been in the fitness industry for 20 years, in 2005 I moved from full~time personal trainer/body training systems & step instructor to full~time Pilates 121 & class teacher.

I have been extremley fortunate to have trained with some amazing teachers such as Judith Hanson Lasater, Shiva Rea, Uma Dismore Tuli, Liz Lark and more recently Claire Missingham, who has lead me to follow the Krishnamacharya lineage. Krishnamacharya was a pioneer in refining postures, sequencing them optimally, and ascribing therapeutic value to specific asanas.

Vinyasa Flow Yoga translates as linking and the system also implies the linking of the of the movement and the breath. Yoga is union of body, mind & spirit.

In my classes I either ask my students to connect with their our own heartfelt intention and individual light or to work with a particular sankalpa that I have devised for each practice, which is often linked with a particular chakra (vortex of energy in the body) we move through a soulful yet dynamic sequence of uplifting yoga postures to detoxify stretch & strengthen.

We train our vital energy source ‘our breath‘ we overcome negative minds & cultivate constructive thoughts through meditation creating balance & harmony.

I have also been very fortunate to have trained in Thai Yoga Massage, this has greatly benefited my teaching with regards to safe & effective hands on assists and as any yogi will tell you, it feels so good…….

I believe Yoga is a divine gift, it helps to keep us grounded, allows us to physically & mentally move through life with fluidity & grace, enables us to realize & cultivate our full potential, develop a deeper sensitivity & compassion towards everyone & everything around us, enables us to harness the practice of sweet speech & deep listening. Ultimately this gift connects us to the divine or our higher self to help us discover our joy, our bliss………..

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