Emiliy has been helping our baby boy since he was 6 weeks old with symptoms of colic, tummy troubles and soreness/stiffness in his neck, shoulders and arms from a traumatic birth.  We now have a 15 week old baby that is extrenely happy and content for most of the time, who often sleeps through 7 hours at night and no longer has the pains that used to cause him so much frustration with things as simpke as getting him dressed,  We have already recommended Emily to friends and would highly recommend her to anyone looking for support with their little one.  I have been so impressed. I have also seen Emilly myself for coccyx pain from a fall I had when pregnant.  Phoebe, February 2021


After suffering from lower back pain and a whole host of other problems that ... have stemmed from ... years of wear and tear through being a builder, at our first session Emily got straight into it and I've straight away noticed a difference. No mucking around! Very professional service and friendly too. Emily also went the extra mile to follow up with some in-between session exercises and stretches. Can't ask for any more than that. Already booked in again. Thanks Emily  Daniel Strange December 2020


qoute1  Over several years of cycling (and crashing), I have seen a few chiros and physios. All have helped me, but no one has shown such insight, knowledge and enthusiasm as Ben. I am hopefully well on the way to regaining levels of flexibility I have not seen for many years. Highly recommended.  qoute2  Douglas Williams


qoute1   Thanks to Ben and Hannah after 7 sessions I have gone from a mum-to-be hardly able to walk from back and hip pain to someone who is not only able to walk but is pain free compared to 2 months ago this is great and would highly recommend Ben and his team to help with any other expectant mothers!! Thank you!!  qoute2 Joanna Woodcraft

qoute1   Ben's a genius - I actively recommend Lexden Health to anyone who remotely sounds like they would benefit! The care and attention to specific situations and any relevant influences is second to none. How many times do you go to see a specialist and they just treat the first thing they find without trying to figure out underlying causes? This place helps you understand what's going on, helps you understand how to prevent it in the future as well as providing excellent treatment.  qoute2  Venessa Moffat


qoute1   I've been seeing Ben since 2011 when I had an injury leading up to the London marathon. Ben was amazing, really looked after me and I sailed through the marathon. From that day on I regularly go and see Ben and if not him his friendly team. I'm so impressed by Lexden Health and the team I've recommended friends and family who have all experienced the same care as me.  qoute2  Michelle Calver


qoute1   Lexden Health Practice has a lovely warm and helpful team of professional and passionate therapists. After just two sessions I noticed an incredible difference in mobility and general health from the helpfulness and attentiveness which Milena provided me with upon each visit. At first I was very nervous and scared that the pain in my upper back and down my leg would not improve but I felt increasingly happier upon each visit. I can honestly say I have never felt more relaxed and at ease, the atmosphere is positive and calm and upon each visit I felt I had developed a clearer understanding of what my mind and body require. Due to such outstanding care I have managed to fully heal in just a few weeks. I would like to thank Milena for being an amazing help and providing me with excellent treatment and care to help my health improve day by day.  qoute2


Jessica John

qoute1   My 9-year old daughter is an elite gymnast who started seeing Ben following an ankle injury which improved after just one session.  He was great with her and she now sees him regularly to keep on top of things in order to avoid serious injury.  She also sees Milena who has helped to strengthen her core which has really helped with her handstands and general core strength which is extremely important in her sport. I highly recommend them to everyone.  qoute2


Nikki Oaks

qoute1   I picked up an injury after a fall in training just three weeks before I was set to compete in the World Championships last year. After seriously hurting my back and ankle it was looking like I would have to pull out. After seeing Ben my pain had lessened considerably and I felt much more positive about rehabilitating my injury in time with his guidance. I now have monthly osteopathic maintenance treatments with Ben to allow me to compete at this level.  qoute2

Mark Pennell, International Gymnast for G.B.


qoute1   I compete in trampolining at a national level. Ben treats me once a month which allows me to stay pain free. I trust 100% that Ben will always be completely honest with how much training I should do if I am injured and that he understands the sport I compete in. I always recommend Ben if anyone has any aches, pains or injuries.  qoute2

Louise Pennell, Gymnastics Coach


qoute1   I was recommended to see Ben from a friend as I had been suffering with headaches for years. There was a great improvement even after the first treatment and I am now free from headaches. Ben's knowledge base really impressed me and he helped me to understand the reasons behind the headaches and ways I could prevent them from returning.  qoute2

Sue, General Pracitioner


qoute1   I was recommended to visit Lexden Health Practice after developing Shin Splints two weeks before the Chicago Marathon. I was devastated after months of training and was considering pulling out.

Ben diagnosed the problem and after just three treatments, with sound advice on effective rehabilitation, I was able to run the marathon symptom free!

Since then Ben has been helping me with my running technique, enabling me to avoid injury and become faster and more efficient.  qoute2

Laura Shrewbridge, Running Coach


qoute1   I have regular osteopathic treatments with Ben who has helped me avoid Carpel Tunnel surgery. Ben also helped me hugely with my back, during and after pregnancy and now treats my son! I highly recommend seeing Ben for Osteopathy.  qoute2

Cristine C


qoute1   I have been seeing Milena for nearly a year now, and really cannot not explain all fantastic work she has been doing on all of my muscles that have been in such a bad way. I'm so glad to have be introduced to Lexden Health and Milena. I hope her replacement once she leaves to go back home will be nearly as good!  qoute2

Debs Ward


qoute1   I suffer with really painful arthritis.  The first time i saw Georgina i could barely allow her to touch my body as i was in so much pain.  My muscles were so tight and contracted, i found it hard to move them.  After the first session my whole body felt lighter and at ease, as if some of the pain had been released.  This then allowed me to move more freely, which helps with my arthritis. She has a healing touch, and having her hands on your body is a bit  like having a heat treatment on the specific areas of pain.  I now see her weekly and am really noticing the benefits to my health.  qoute2


qoute1Shane is absolutely brilliant and professional at what he does and has done wonders when I've been to see him. He's very hands on and listens very carefully and gets to the root of my injury straight away. I would definitely recommend Shane to anyone and would like to thank him on all his hard work he's put into me.qoute2

Ian Hiskey


qoute1Shane has been treating me for pain and stiffness in my upper back and pain in my knees. He worked to find the cause of the problem and used techniques to ease it and gave comprehensive advise and exercises/stretches to do at home. This has resulted in a huge improvement. He has also successfully treated my husband for a sports injury.
Shane is very knowledgeable, professional and friendly. I highly recommend him.qoute2

Nikki King


qoute1Shane was very approachable, knowledgable and helpful. Helped me out with a long term injury very quickly! Will be coming back and recommending to others!qoute2

Matt Wootten


qoute1Shane is very thorough, friendly, professional and helpful in explaining the reasons behind each of his techniques. He really listened to my problem and worked to find the cause of my low back pain rather than just treating the painful area. I received nutritional advice, a personalised exercise and stretching regime. I highly recommend Shane to anyone looking for an osteopath in Colchester.qoute2

Linda Hickey


qoute1 I sought treatment from Shane as I had long standing low back problems and wanted to do something about them. After a couple of treatments I was feeling much better and back training harder in the gym as a result. I improved immensely with treatment and would highly recommend it to anyone in a similar situation.qoute2

Chris Roberts


qoute1 I was on holiday near Colchester when I developed neck and shoulder pain whilst playing with my young daughter. I managed to get an appointment with Shane at short notice and I'm so glad I did. His treatment saved my holiday. I felt much better after one session, and after the second was back to my old self again. I would strongly recommend Shane to anyone who is looking for an osteopath or has got aches or pains they want treated.qoute2

Karen Gidding