Osteopathy and Pregnancy

Postural changes during pregnancy place many demands on the body often resulting in aches and pains. Lexden Health Practice is a friendly clinic in Colchester offering tailor-made osteopathy treatments, anti-natal and post-natal massages which can help alleviate many of these discomforts.

Pregnant woman

Common symptoms in pregnancy

Low Back Pain and Pelvic Pain are common in pregnancy. Figures vary from as low as 25% in one study compared to as high as 80% in another. Conditions which women who are pregnant commonly complain of include:

  • Generalised muscular back pain
  • SDP (Symphysis Pubis Dysfunction) – pain or discomfort in the joint at the front of the pelvis
  • Sacro iliac joint pain – presenting as pain in the lower back
  • Sciatica and leg pain associated with back pain
  • Rib and thoracic spinal pain leading to breathlessness and difficulty in deep breathing
  • Neck aches and headaches of a mechanical nature.  (The British Osteopathic Association)

Some common treatments for musculoskeletal aches and pains, such as drugs, physiotherapy and exercise, are not always suitable for pregnant women. Osteopathy offers a safe and effective way of dealing with these conditions which are common in pregnancy. Massage can also be helpful in removing tension and relieving discomfort.

Two of the Lexden Health team of osteopaths Niki Rajput and Emily Gallone, have a particular interest in the care of pregnant women and new mothers. Both have undertaken post-graduate work with specialists in the field of pregnancy and women’s health and have have worked effectively with many pregnant women.

Maximising comfort in pregnancy

  • Shoulder and Upper Back Discomfort … one of the first signs of pregnancy is an increase in breast size. This often pulls the shoulders forward and rounds the upper back causing pain and discomfort. Make sure you have regular bra size checks and change size accordingly to ensure correct pressure loading on back, shoulders and ribs.
  • Aching Hips … as pregnancy progresses your pelvis will naturally rotate outwards to allow more space for the baby. This can be exacerbated by ligament laxity in the third trimester in preparation for birth.  You may notice your feet start to turn out. It’s important to make sure your gluteal muscles remain supple and don’t tighten excessively. Sleeping with a pillow between your knees may help to relieve strain on the hip, sacr0-illiac and gluteal muscles.
  • Low Back Pain … women often develop low back pain in the later stages of pregnancy as the weight of the baby pulls the pelvis forwards and causes the lower back to arch. Get in the habit of squatting to pick things up rather than bending over – this will lessen the demands on your back.

If you are suffering from aches and pains during your pregnancy, Lexden Health Practice may have the answer.  We have professional osteopaths and massage therapists who have expertise to help in this area.  Ring 01206 579777 to make an appointment.

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